Machakos Health committee and CECM trash claims that 6 died at Matuu Level 4 theatre

A past photo of Doctors at Matuu Level 4 theater conducting a Cesarean section. (Photo -Courtesy)

Machakos County Assembly Health committee has dismissed claims that 6 people have died at Matuu Level 4 Hospital theatre on different dates while being operated on.

Speaking to the press, Matungulu East MCA Cosmus Ngula Masesi who chairs the committee revealed that they established the 4 deaths out of more than 1000 operations was fairly normal.

“Since this theatre was opened in 2019, there have been more than 1000 operations and the in-charge doctor John has assured us and we have the records that only 4 people have died and none of them was from Masinga central,” Ngula said.

“The latest case, the patient who was here was referred to Kenyatta and after 12 hours there she succumbed. Out of 1000 people losing 4 is just less than one percent.” The Assembly Health Committee chair added.

Machakos Health CECM Dr. Ancent Kituku also dismissed the claims asking politicians to leave politics out of hospitals. He noted the hospital had helped a lot of people from Yatta, Masinga, and the neighborhoods.

“The patient who died was in need of blood which is O negative and which is not common. They were referred to KNH where they could access the blood but unfortunately, the patient succumbed there.” Kituku added.

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