Machakos: Deputy Governor Dismisses ‘One Man One Vote One Shilling’

Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi has publicly criticized the ‘One Man One Vote One Shilling’ revenue sharing model.

Speaking at the Kathiani Salvation Army Church, Mwangangi argued that the current system of devolution is sufficient to meet the needs of all regions and called for a stronger focus to ensure equitable development.

“Devolution, if properly strengthened, can bring about the necessary development to our grassroots. I have been hearing about the one man one vote one shilling, others have been saying one man one kilometer, and others don’t even know anything about it,” Mwangangi stated. 

He emphasized that additional formulas based on population figures are unnecessary and could potentially distort fair resource allocation.

The Deputy Governor’s comments highlight a growing debate over the most effective way to distribute resources across Kenya. 

While some leaders led by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua have been arguing that a population-based approach ensures that densely populated areas receive adequate funding, Mwangangi believes this method overlooks the unique needs of less populated regions.

Mwangangi’s position underscores the belief that enhancing local governance structures is key to addressing regional disparities.

 “If we ensure that local governments are well-funded and empowered, every citizen even those in the grassroots will benefit from development projects tailored to their specific needs,” he noted.

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