Machakos county commissioner rules out moving Kivandini roadblock, says Machakos residents to be allowed

A past photo of Machakos county commissioner Fredrick Ndunga. (Photo - Credit)

Machakos County Commissioner Fredrick Ndunga has ruled out moving the Kivandini roadblock at Matuu-Mwingi highway that prevents Machakos residents from accessing some parts of the County.

Speaking while visiting the roadblock after complaints from the public, Ndunga said Machakos Residents from Masinga and Kithyoko, and other affected areas should provide their ID cards to the officers at the roadblock and explain themselves and they will be allowed to cross.

“Where the roadblock is a strategic place because of the Nature of boundary between Kitui and Machakos. At one point you are in Machakos then Kitui then again Machakos. Anywhere this roadblock was to be mounted would inconvenience locals.” Ndunga said.

“From here the officers can monitor very well. If we move it to where people want. People from Kitui will cross over to here. The roadblock will remain there. Locals from Masinga, Kithyoko, and Kivandini show your IDs and say you come from Machakos. They will be allowed to pass ” The county commissioner added.

He further urged locals to continue adhering to containment measures and ensure those who die from home are not buried without first being tested for Covid-19.

Locals had expressed concerns about being unable to move from one part of Machakos to another because of the roadblock. Moving from Masinga to Matuu and Kivaa has been a nightmare as vehicles would drop people near the Kivandini roadblock and some had to go through Ekalakala which is a long distance.

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