Machakos County Askaris flee after man dies under unclear circumstances in holding room

In a shocking incident in Machakos, a middle-aged man is alleged to have taken his own life after being apprehended by county askaris. 

The unidentified man was arrested at Machakos bus park and detained in a holding room where he is said to have used his belt to commit suicide. 

The askaris, stunned and confused by the unexpected turn of events, reportedly fled the scene.

The tragic event caused a major commotion at the bus park as horrified bystanders gathered, questioning the actions of the county officers. Witnesses criticized the askaris for their rough handling of locals, calling for a review of their methods.

“Why was he arrested in the first place? If these county askaris are properly trained, why would they detain someone with a belt? Touts should be allowed to earn a living without unnecessary harassment,” one witness exclaimed, highlighting their frustration with the county officers’ conduct.

In response to the incident, Dr. Muya Ndambuki, the county secretary, announced the immediate interdiction of the officer involved. 

“We are deeply saddened by this tragic event. A citizen has died under troubling circumstances, and we are committed to thoroughly investigating whether proper procedures were followed,” Dr. Ndambuki stated.

This incident raises urgent questions about the treatment of locals by county askaris and underscores the need for improved training and accountability among law enforcement in Machakos. 

As the investigation continues, the locals remain on edge, demanding justice and better protection of their rights.

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