Machakos Blogger Password apologizes for insulting Wavinya

Machakos blogger Donald Mwendwa Nzau popularly known as Password has apologized to Governor Wavinya Ndeti.

The renowned activist was accused of defaming the Governor and was charged at Machakos high court in January.

According to the charge sheet Password published false information contrary to action 23 of the computer misuse and cybercrime act of 2018.

Accompanied by his kinsmen, on Monday 1st May, Password met Governor Wavinya’s delegation led by the County Chief of Staff Lawrence Ngovi.

In a statement seen by Mauvoo News, the family said Wavinya should be given enough time to deliver to the people of Machakos.

“The family of Kiua led by their Chairman Mr. Muindi Matati, elders Mr. Kiua and Mr. Julius and Password have met the Governor’s delegation led by Chief of Staff Ngovi, CECMs Hon. Mutanu and Hon. Consolata, Chief Officer Mr. Guliye, Head of Protocol Mr. John and Communication Officer Mr. Kelvin among others to apologize on behalf of Password,” read the statement.

Nzau while addressing the press said that he went overboard with his utterances and he was sorry.

Lawrence Ngovi Machakos Chief of Staff said that he will take the apologies to the Governor into consideration.

“We know the people on Kenol and larger Kathiani are supporters of Governor Wavinya we will talk to her to withdraw the case against Password in court because he has apologized on social and local media where he defamed the Governor,” said Ngovi.

Ngovi noted that the Governor is open to criticism if it is done in the right way without going personal or peddling false accusations.

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