Lower Yatta residents stage demos Blaming Sinohydro Trucks for Damaging their Roads

Synhydro Construction Company trucks used to carry ballast from kwa-kilui area. (Photo courtesy )

A section of residents and business community from Kiusyani in Lower Yatta Sub-county in Kitui County on Monday staged demos where they blocked the road between Kwa Kilui to Mulutu in the area.

The residents blamed Sinohydro Corporation trucks which ferry ballast for the construction of Kitui-Kibwezi road for destroying their roads.

The company gets ballast from the Kwa-Kilui area then transports it to Syongila and Kabati where they use it to construct the road. The residents claim that they have been trying to reach out to the company to at least put murram on their roads all in vain.

Faith Mueni a local who spoke to Mauvoo News said, “Our road is impassable and has a lot of potholes which need to be repaired. We are also people of Kitui and we demand the Chinese Company to do something about it.”

“The road is very rough and when being carried by a motorbike, car or matatu, by the time you reach your destination you are already tired. ‘Tunaumia sana’ we are really suffering.” She added.

Transport was paralyzed for the better part of the day as the residents demanded an amicable solution from the construction company.

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