Lower Eastern Senators warn their Governors against counties shutdown

A past photo of Ukambani senators Enoch Kiio Wambua of Kitui, Boniface Kabaka of Machakos, and Mutula Kilonzo Junior of Makueni. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

The three senators from the lower Eastern Region (Enoch Kiio Wambua of Kitui, Boniface Kabaka of Machakos, and Mutula Kilonzo Junior of Makueni) have warned their Governors not to adhere to the council of Governor’s memo to shut counties.

The council of Governors Wednesday (16th September) announced a shut down of the counties over the failure to unlock the revenue sharing stalemate which they say has starved counties of cash. In the letter, counties are advised not to admit new inpatients and to also send all non-essential employees on 2 weeks’ leave.

The directive angered senators who in an afternoon session warned Governors not to adhere to the counties shutdown. The lower eastern senators had this to say on the counties.

“On the letter, he’s written to the governors, I want to address my governor Ngilu…dodon’t touch that letter. Don’t try to close a single hospital in Kitui. Because if you do, we’ll come for you.” Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua said.

“I understand from where I’m seated now and I’m seeing from social media, my governor Mutua has effected that illegal direction by Gov. Oparanya. Mutua you’re going very fast. If anyone is going to die, then Mutua we’ll hold you liable.” Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka said.

“Governors think they’re demigods you are not. ” Kabaka added.

“I want to tell my governor Kivutha Kibwana, if you close level 4 hospitals in Makueni, we will impeach you,” Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior said.

Governor Kibwana did not take the remarks lightly and took to twitter saying, “For three months @Senate_KE has denied Counties funds for development and salaries. Can @SenMutula run a county as Governor without funds for three months? My 2014 impeachment by Mutula and others is still in Senate. The Senator’s askari who shot at me was jailed.”

“If Mutula Kilonzo Junior wants to impeach me a second time, he is welcome. I had heard of the impeachment threat and expulsion from @WiperMovement before today.” Kibwana added.

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