Locusts flee parts of Mwala and head to Kangundo

Desert locusts in part of Mwala sub-county after being sprayed. (Photo- Courtesy)

Mwala Subcounty farmers have something to smile about after a swarm of locusts that invaded parts of the sub-county fled and others died after being sprayed.

According to Mwala/Makutano ward MCA Brian Kisila, the swarm of locusts had greatly affected his ward but upon intervention, by the Agricultural Department, the locusts are no more and now farmers can tend to their crops.

The locusts have however not been spotted in Kangundo yet.

“Mwala Makutano Ward was the one greatly affected around Kitange area in Kamwala Sublocation but our team led by CECM of Agriculture Damaris and Ward Agricultural officer Daniel Nyalita and our sub-county agricultural team we managed to spray them and they took off as others died,” he said.

In an interview with the Chairman of the Agriculture Committee in Machakos County Assembly Moses Mitaa, he disclosed that the Assembly last week passed a supplementary budget where they allocated some funds to the agriculture department to help them in the fight locusts so as to ensure farmers are not caught unawares.

Mitaa also explained that the locusts were in their late stage of maturity so they were not that harmful though farmers need to be on the lookout.

“We are quite prepared as the county to deal with locusts invasion in the county. We have allocated funds to our agriculture department in the supplementary budget so as to fight the locust invasion even though they are in their last stages now,” said Mitaa.

Last week, farmers in Miambani ward, Kitui central counted losses after a swarm of desert locusts invaded parts of Usiani location and destroyed crops.

One of the residents Antony Kyalo told Mauvoo News that locusts stormed the area since Tuesday evening and are causing disturbance even to pupils in the nearby schools.

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