Locals threaten to evict Thwake dam contractor

A past photo of Leaders from Local and National Government at the site of the Thwake dam. (Credit - Mauvoo.com)

Locals from affected households who were previously living in the proposed location for the Thwake dam have threatened to demonstrate and evict the contractor Wednesday from site if they are not compensated. According to the locals most of their houses are in a bad condition and they cannot repair them as they do not know when they will be required to move. There is also uncertainty due to the coming rains.

Early September 2018, the affected households demonstrated and then were promised compensation in 2 weeks. The second month is now coming to an end and there is no sign that they will be compensated. The local administration requested them to allow the contractor to proceed with works as they await compensation but that has not borne any fruits yet as they are yet to be compensated.

Those living around the area have complained of the increased dust from the construction site that is affecting the health of the small children and the populace at large. The dust is also getting into their houses and making the living conditions unfavorable Hence they have no other option but to evict contractor on site until they are fully compensated.

When irrigation PS Zeinab Hussein visited the site September last year, he announced that 2 billion had been released to compensate locals and the remaining 440 million had then been disbursed by treasury to the National Lands Commission but a year later the to be beneficiaries have not received anything as compensation.

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