List of Kitui County sub-locations set to Benefit from 538M Equalisation Fund

The Commission on Revenue Authority (CRA) Chair Dr. Jane Kiringai held a two-day visit to Kitui County to identify marginalized areas.

Addressing the media, Dr. Kiringai said that Kitui County has been allocated 538,601,436 Kenya Shillings from the equalization fund for the marginalized areas in the financial year 2022-2023.

The money will be used to do development projects like electricity, water, roads, and in the health sector. She urged Kitui Governor Julius Malombe to find other ways of generating county revenue on top of the revenue collected in the last financial year.

Governor Malombe welcomed the commission on revenue allocation and lauded them for allocating money to ensure equalization in areas left behind on matters of development. 50 sub-locations in Kitui have been identified to benefit from the National Government Equalization Fund. These include;

In Kitui East Constituency, Kasasi sub-location, Muthungue, Nzanzu, Nzunguni, Kiangine, Imale, and Kyaango sub-locations in Voo/Kyamatu ward Kasunguni, Makongo sub-locations in Zombe/Mwitika ward, Yiuku, Ndetani, Malalani, Makuka, Kathua and Katumbi sub-locations from Endau/Malalani ward will all benefit from the fund.

In Kitui South Constituency, Kalia Katune, Kalambani, Ndakani, and Ngaani sub-locations in Mutha ward, Simisi and Uiini sub-locations in Ikutha ward, and Kilawa sub-location in Athi ward will also receive development from the fund.

In Kitui Rural constituency, Mandongoi sub-location in Kanyangi ward is the only sub-location identified in the third marginalization policy.

Yalatani sub-location in Mutonguni ward is also the only one identified from Kitui West constituency.

In Mwingi Central Constituency, Malawa sub-location in Nuu ward; Mbuvu, Kalanga, Kamutiu, and Mwalali sub-locations in Nguni ward and Nguuni sub-location in Mui ward have been identified by the commission on revenue allocation and will get support from the equalization fund.

Wikithuki sub-location in Kiomo/Kyethani ward is the only identified area in Mwingi West constituency.

Mwingi North Constituency is one of the constituencies that is set to benefit most from the 2022/2023 financial year equalization fund as identified by the commission. Cio Kereke, Kasyathyoni, Katilinge, Kamuthanga, and Mwangeni sub-locations in Tseikuru ward, Kalatine, Kathaalani, Kimela, Ndatani, Tumana, Ikime, and Kakoongo sub-locations in Mwingi North, Sumoni sub-location in Mumoni ward; Kiseuni, Maseki, and Mataka sub-locations in Kyuso ward are also included in the category of the marginalized area.

Article 204 of the Constitution establishes the Equalisation Fund in Kenya which should be paid 0.5 percent of all the revenue collected by the national government each year. This amount is calculated on the basis of the most recent Auditor General’s audited accounts of revenue received, as approved by the National Assembly.

The national government should use the Equalisation Fund only to provide basic services to marginalized areas. These services include water, roads, health facilities, and electricity.

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