Life cut short – Baby dumped in Garbage bin in Machakos

A past photo of a Garbage bin in Machakos. (Photo -Courtesy)

Shock descended in Machakos Town after a baby was found dumped in a garbage bin in Machakos Town

An eyewitness said that the dumped baby was noticed by a street urchin early Friday morning.

“A street urchin noticed the body of the dumped baby. I went on and confirmed that it was true a baby by look, aged around six months had been dumped.” The eyewitness narrated.

The baby is said to have been dumped in the morning hours by an unknown person.

Machakos Town residents who were at the scene to witness called everyone to attention that it is a bad act to dump a baby, adding that, serious actions need to be taken to those who did so.

“It’s better to give birth and donate the baby to the hospital than to kill and dump innocent baby.” a resident pointed out.

Machakos Township Senior chief Joshua Kimeu confirmed the incident warning everyone with such thoughts of dumping babies, saying that tough actions will be taken on them.

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