Less than 10 patients left in Machakos isolation centers

A past photo of Machakos County Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua while launching the isolation center at Kenyatta Stadium. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Machakos county has only 10 patients left in isolation centers Mauvoo news can report. This is out of 1300 cases of Covid-19 since it was first reported in March 2020.

Speaking in Machakos last week, Machakos County health CECM Dr. Ancent Kituku revealed to the press that the majority of those cases have already recovered and gone back to society.

“Since Corona came into the Country Machakos County has reported more than 1,300 coronavirus cases and most of them have recovered from Isolation centers and gone to their homes,” said Dr. Kituku.

Kituku warned Machakos County residents not to flout COVID – 19 rules set by the government in the name of the curve has started to flatten saying that they should follow all the set guidelines to avoid another wave of Covid-19.

“But you should not say that Corona is not there anymore because western countries like Europe, people thought that corona had come to an end and they started behaving normally but the virus came back and killed a lot of people so this is the time to continue following these guidelines until Madam CAS Mwangangi tells us otherwise, “he said.

Last week, Health Chief Administrative Secretary Mercy Mwangangi speaking in Machakos urged residents not to drop guard and continue wearing masks, hand washing, and keeping a safe social distance.

“When we tell you to wear masks and I see people here hanging masks on their chins, masks are not necklaces. It is for covering the mouth and nose. Please wear masks it is very important. If I wear a mask you reduce the risk of corona transmission by over 80 percent. it is very important.” CAS Mercy Mwangangi reiterated.

Machakos County Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua launched the Isolation and screening center in April. Several Concerns were raised by MCAs and a section of local leaders.

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