Kitui UDA MCA aspirant abducted and stabbed by unknown people

Police officers in Kitui East sub-county, Kitui county have commenced investigations into an incident where a politician Aaron Kilonzi was abducted and injured by unknown people.

The Mutitu/Kaliku ward MCA candidate was heading home in Kavutai when the incident took place.

He sustained stab wounds and he was later dumped at Zombe bridge with his hands and legs tied where members of the public found and rescued him.

The incident was confirmed by Kavutali Assistant Chief Darius Nthenge who said that “He had just finished his campaigns and was heading home in the evening, he was hijacked by unknown people who attacked him before dumping him at Zombe bridge. He didn’t die but sustained injuries,” said the chief.

He noted that the man was treated at Zombe hospital before being transferred to Nairobi. The chief said there is no need for tension following the incident.

“The incident has been reported to the police and investigations are ongoing. I want to condemn the incident, it is barbaric and shocking but we will ensure justice is served. The matter will be followed to the latter,” he noted.

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