Kitui UDA Aspirants Embark on Massive grassroot campaigns for Ruto

Kitui Central UDA Parliamentary Aspirant Bonnie Musambi addressing Kyangwithya West residents. (Photo - Joshua/Mauvoo)

Leaders from UDA Party in Kitui County have begun popularizing the party at the grassroots level.

Led by former Kitui Deputy Governor and Women Representative Aspirant Peninah Malonza, and Kitui Central UDA Parliamentary Candidate Boniface Musambi they held a political gathering at Mulango and Kyangwithya West Wards in Kitui Central to drum support for Deputy President William Ruto.

The leaders also trashed the Azimio la Umoja- One Kenya Coalition, saying that they have no plan to help Kenyans at the grassroots who are still lagging in terms of development.

Penina Malonza revealed that the UDA leaders from Ukambani have been meeting DP Ruto to deliberate on the South Eastern Economic Blueprint that will be implemented if Ruto becomes the Fifth president.

The leaders disclosed that they would be forming village committees in all the 40 wards of Kitui, which will work at the grassroots level to see the needs of the common mwananchi are addressed.

“The committees will bring inclusivity to our people, and we must know what our people want and what we will get when Ruto becomes the President. DP Ruto will be signing a charter with the three Ukambani counties; there have been committees to look at the challenges we have in our county, especially the challenges of water which is the main problem in Ukambani,” Penina said.

The leaders called upon the residents to support DP Ruto’s Bottom-up economic model, which will ensure that the grassroots residents who have been neglected for a long have their issues addressed.

“You were called as committee members of Deputy President William Ruto and as ambassadors who will preach the message of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party known for the Bottom-Up economic model at the grassroots level,” she added.

Some of the issues that will be addressed in Kitui include Water, Infrastructure, Health, Agriculture, Mining, Culture, and youth, making Mwingi a county and empowering women through SACCOs.

Former Deputy Governor Penina Malonza at the event in Kyangwithya, Kitui Central.
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