Kitui traders blame County Government for relocating them to a dumpsite

Kitui town open air traders selling their vegetables next to a dumpsite hence risking their health. (Photo credit - Frank/Mauvoo)

Kitui Town open-air market traders have blamed the County Government for relocating them from Kalundu market to the main dumpsite over the fear of cholera outbreak due to the dirty business environment.

Speaking to Mauvoo News traders secretary Duncan Munyalo said they were moved to the dumpsite two months ago so as minimize crowding in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Duncan lamented that the relocation now posed them to the risk of Contracting Cholera as they were forced to sell their goods in an unhygienic environment.

“Our vegetables are swarmed up with flies, bad smell has dominated the air and there are no toilets here. This is totally unhealthy. Our County government is trying to save us from the pandemic but exposing us to deadly diseases like cholera,” he added.

Christine Nduku, one of the traders said that the County Government had promised to relocate them to safer grounds but that is yet to be realized.

They want the authorities to address their grievances and relocate them to a clean area where they can conduct their businesses without fear of disease outbreak.

They also decried lack of face masks and urged the County Government to support them with protective gear to protect themselves from Covid-19.

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