Kitui South Residents Fault their MP over Delayed Compensation and Issuance of Title Deeds

Kitui South residents whose land was acquired for constructing the Kibwezi-Kitui road held demonstrations to push their MP Rachel Nyamai to give them a report on how they will be compensated.

The residents were together with those that were to be given title deeds by Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu last week but when she came, she found that land registry offices were closed blaming the area MP for collaborating with Land CS to sabotage her.

The residents claimed that they had suffered for a long time waiting to be paid, yet the road passing through their land was completed.

They claimed that the national government promised them that they would be compensated immediately, but it is now five years without getting a penny, yet their area MP is the Chair of the parliamentary committee that addresses land compensation issues.

“The Kitui-Kibwezi road passed through our land 5 years ago, and up to date, we have not been paid. We have been getting empty promises that we will be paid, yet still, we have not been paid, and we lost our land. ” One of the residents told Mauvoo News on condition of anonymity.

“As a resident of Mutomo, I lost my land, and my house was also demolished. I have been staying in a lodging, and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I would request justice to be done because we were told that the money was released yet we were never paid,” He added.

The residents further demanded to be given the title deeds and called upon MP Rachel Kaki to stop politicizing the process.

“I’m coming from Kyanzou because we were not issued with title deeds, and we want to know the truth of the matter instead of people playing cat and mouse games with our land. We want to request the national government to ensure that we are given our title deeds as soon as possible,” one of the residents demonstrating stated.

They threatened that if their issues aren’t addressed, they will continue demonstrating until the Government hears their cry.

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