Kitui South MP Rachael Nyamai in trouble after remarks on Finance Bill protests

Kitui South MP Rachael Kaki Nyamai’s remarks on finance bill protests Wednesday caused uproar on social media.

Speaking while contributing to the Finance Bill in Parliament, Nyamai spoke of a young woman whose education she has been financing participated in the protests. The young woman had contacted the MP, asking her to reject the bill. When the MP asked why she was participating in the protests, she acknowledged that she was just doing it to get attention online.

“I watched one of the girls I pay school fees for and she was in the streets. And she had written a message to me the previous day, and I asked her, ‘you told me that it was about taxation on motor vehicles and bread, why are you in the street?’.”Rachael said.

“I have just shared the video with CPA Mbadi, the girl told me that she was not in the street concerning the bill. That she was doing TikTok. And she was swinging very nicely. She told me that she wanted to get views for TikTok…The community that provides stones was missing in action, “she added.

Nyamai’s remarks did not augur well with social media users. Her contacts and those of her family members were shared online and thousands sent them WhatsApp messages and texts.

Tony Muturi said, “How low can one get to demean Kenyans venting out their frustrations? You should have shared her phone number so that Kenyans can send her lunchtime greetings.”

Njambi wa Kadithi said, “And the MP had to write down the statement because she couldn’t memorize the lies.”

Peter Musyoka said, “Once again, on behalf of Kitui South, I sincerely apologize to the Nation. Come 2027 we will undo this mistake, and to show the sincerity of our apologies, we are in the streets leading the demos. Poleni Sana wakuu.”

Clint Kiluma said, “That’s my mp Kitui south, she calls herself a Dr sijui ni Daktari wa mifugo ama, but 2027 we will be there no matter what. Despot must fall.”

Mohamed Sharuka said, “community that provides stones…” This one ought to be behind the bars by now. This stereotyping and badmouthing of a community should not be entertained in our country.”

David Amoke added, “Something must have seriously gone wrong with the voters or the voting process that gave rise to these people.”

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