Kitui Minority leader refutes missing MCAs claims

A past photo of Kitui minority MCA Alex Nganga with Charity Ngilu. The MCA has refuted claims that 3 MCAs went missing. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Kitui County Assembly Minority Leader Alex Nganga has refuted claims that Governor Charity Ngilu’s impeachment motion was postponed after 3 members of County Assembly (MCAs) went missing.

According to the minority leader, Kitui county assembly had not planned to have sittings Tuesday contrary to what Majority leader Peter Mwikya Kilonzo said yesterday outside the Assembly buildings.

The Ngilu ally said that claims by the Majority leader that some of the MCAs had gone missing was defaming the MCAs saying that if he had found difficulties in presenting the motion he should have just said it rather than defaming other peoples names.

“I have heard Kamba stations report some sad news from our majority leader in the Assembly speaking on the impeachment motion he had planned to bring to the assembly. I would like to ask Honorable Peter Kilonzo to stop defaming the honorable members in the Assembly. When he says that they are places that they have been hidden it’s sad since these members have their own homes and their electorate to serve so we don’t know what he means by MCAs are being hidden, ” he said.

“Peter Kilonzo knows that Tuesday there was no sitting in the Assembly and when he says that he had counted who had attended the session I don’t know where he took them from, I want to tell the majority leader if he has tried the impeachment motion and failed he should stop it and give Kitui county assembly members their respect, ” Nganga added.

On Tuesday, Kitui County Assembly Majority Leader Peter Mwikya Kilonzo said that they had postponed the impeachment motion due to some MCAs who had gone missing saying that unless they show up the motion would be postponed.

“If they fail to turn up in the next 8 consecutive parliamentary sittings then by following the law they are supposed to be removed from their positions.” The Majority leader said.

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