Kitui MCAs intervene to end Dispute between medics and County Government

County labor and health committees meeting with health workers representatives at Kitui County Assembly building. (Photo - Joshua )

Kitui County Assembly Labor and Health Committee on Thursday (9th September 2021) held a meeting with a section of health care workers in the county. The meeting was aimed at discussing how they can provide an amicable solution to the challenges being faced by the health sector in the county.

The joint committee sitting was chaired by Munywoki Mwinzi nominated MCA from Kyuso, Mwingi North who stated that they wanted to know what was the problem that triggered them to stage demonstrations last week.

“We were meeting with the health care workers from Kitui County who were crying and we have heard their cry. Their problem was being recalled out of their training institutions which is not easy since they have invested in their studies.” Mwinzi said.

“They were called abruptly by the county and some of them were about to graduate.”

Mwinzi pledged that they have heard their problems and as health committee, they will intervene on the matter by meeting the County Public Service Board that called them to return to work and agree.

The Chairman of the Health Committee Nicholas Nzomo stated that they will be giving a full report within one week on how to pay those who had not been paid.

His sentiments were echoed by Kithumula/Kwa Mutonga MCA David Thuvi who said, “We are happy today because we have agreed together with the health care workers, listened to their complaints and as County Assembly, we have found it wise to intervene to unite them with their employer, Kitui county government.”

Thuvi also said that it is wrong to release your employee then later on your come and claim that you never permitted them to go.

On the other hand, The Lower Eastern Region KMPDU Representative Misian Siago requested the County Government of Kitui to adhere to the court order and pay the Medical Practitioners who went for training from July this year and were being threatened to be sacked when they don’t report back to work.
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“Today I have come to the county Assembly of Kitui to talk to them and see whether the practitioners who were sent to specialize and have not been paid and the court order said that they were sent by the county government and should not be tortured. 19 doctors who are currently doing their post-graduate studies in different universities have not been paid from July.” The Kenya Medical and Practitioners Union (KMPDU) members are hopeful that a solution will be found and everything goes back as usual.” Siago said.

Last week, goons blocked the medics who were demonstrating from addressing the press.

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