Kitui MCAs impeach third CECM in 10 months

Kitui MCAs discussing the motion to impeach Lands, Infrastructure and Urban Development CECM Tuesday. (Photo credit -Courtesy)

Kitui MCAs Tuesday (August 25th) impeached CECM for Land, Infrastructure, and Urban Development (LIUD) Eng. Jacob Kakundi over grounds such as gross violation of the Constitution and relevant laws by overseeing unprocedural awarding of bush clearing tenders to contractors and using local women and youth to work in the contractors’ absentia. According to the MCAs, Some have never been paid to date.

Kitui County Assembly in October 2019, impeached two County Executive Committee members, Rosaita Ngina CECM for Health and Sanitation and Philip Mumo CECM for trade, cooperatives, and investments. Jacob Kakundi becomes the third CECM to be impeached in 10 months.

The motion was passed by simple majority by voting 33 against 21 votes and was moved by Kyome/Thaana ward MCA Alex Wambua, the CECM for LIUD manages his office in a way that does not promote the public confidence and in the integrity of the office.

Yatta/Kwa Vonza ward MCA John Kisangau alias Mbaki Mbaki supported the motion saying, “Mr speaker to bring sanity in the LIUD ministry, Kakundi must go, and Mr speaker to have equity in the distribution of bush clearing and grading programs, Kakundi must go.”

“My people of Kwa Mutonga/Kithumula ward as we talk were not paid,” added David Thuvi MCA kithumula/Mutonga ward.

According to the Government side who are the minority in the Kitui assembly, the mover did not have enough evidence to lead the members of Kitui Assembly in the impeachment of the LIUD CECM.

They defended Kakundi as a policymaker saying he does not deal with the issue of money. They also added that he does not award tenders and no way he could be involved in bush clearing saga.

“I can say these are just allegations because Mr speaker in my ward there is a village administrator and the ward administrator who come to inspect projects and report to their bosses. Mr speaker I do not see any problem of village administrator inspecting a project in the ward,” Minority leader Alex Nganga said.

Incompetence, gross misconduct, and abuse of office were among other grounds in the impeachment of the Lands, Infrastructure and Urban Development CECM. The detailed impeachment grounds can be found in our recent story.

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