Kitui MCAS impeach 2 CECMs


Kitui County Assembly on Tuesday impeached two County Executive Committee members, Rosaita Ngina CECM for Health and Sanitation and Philip Mumo CECM for trade, cooperatives, and investments.

In the motion which was tabled by the leader of the majority who is also the MCA for Athi ward Peter Kilonzo alias Tangawizi the CECM for Health and sanitation, Ms. Ngina was impeached for gross violation of the constitution and being incompetent to work as a CECM.

Ngina’s education papers were in question and she was also accused of misusing public funds and recruiting ghost workers who are paid by the County Government without delivering any service. The CECM was impeached by 34 MCAs against 9 who defended her.

Philip Mumo, CECM for trade, cooperatives, and investments was also impeached. The assembly passed the motion with 34 votes supporting the motion, 1 opposing and one MCA abstaining from voting.

Kitui County Assembly has been investigating how Mr. Mumo was granted the CECM position without being qualified. Mauvoo News has also learned that there could another impeachment which targeting the CECM for Lands, infrastructure and Urban development Engineer Jacob Kakundi.

Kakundi is said to have invalid education certificates and is accused of misusing public funds in the road clearing scandal.

According to the assembly in December 2018, no tender for the clearing of the roads was issued hence raising issues of compliance to the law. They called for further investigation so that action can be taken to those involved in the bush clearing scandal.

In August 2019, Rosaita Ngina and Philip Mutinda were found guilty of forging degrees so as to land the top county Jobs. The appointments committee sought a response from the universities where the two had indicated they attended and they confirmed that they did not award them the degrees.

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