Kitui female prisoners mark International Women’s days

Kitui prison female inmates celebrating the International Women's day at Kitui Main prison Friday. (Photo - Raphael/Mauvoo)

Kitui Main Prison female inmates were on Sunday joined by members of different churches, institutions and Kitui leaders to celebrate the International Women’s day that is celebrated on the 8th of March every year.

Kitui female Prison officer in Charge Jacinta Mwangi divulged that they invited the different stakeholders to interact and motivate the prisoners to make them feel like part of the Society.

She told members of the press that in Kitui prison, they consider inmates as any other human being and encourage them despite being in prison adding that they rehabilitate them through artwork to ensure they have skills to brighten their future after the jail term.

“We have rehabilitation programs such as artwork to ensure when someone walks out of prison they will go use the kind of training that we do give them here like making soap and they can even start a group to be empowered through funds like the Affirmative Action fund,” Jacinta said.

Kitui County Government represented by Agnes Mulewa, Chief Officer in the office of Governor, urged correctional services to improve training to ensure the prisoners walk out with skills of high quality which they can use to coach others in the society and enable them to seek their daily bread.

Mulewa told the press that the Kitui County Government is proposing 50 percent instead of 30 percent of Government tenders and opportunities be offered to women, people living with disability and the youth so as to improve their livelihoods.

“The Governor has directed that as a way of promoting women in this County, instead of 30% recommended in the procurement Act, we go ahead to 50% of Government jobs and referss be given to women, youth and people living with disability to improve their livelihoods,”she added.

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