Kitui Health Department on the spot again over ambulance with worn-out tyres

Kitui County Ambulance with worn-out tires. (Photo courtesy)

Ambulance services are the first responders to emergency and trauma-related emergencies in the health sector. Days after Kitui Senator Enoch Kiio Wambua said that Kitui Health Department was in ICU and should be transferred to the National Government, a photo of Kitui County Ambulance with worn-out tyres was shared by Sikika Road Safety on social media.

From the pictures shared online, all the tires of the Ambulance are worn out with no treads. The emergency spare tire on the Kitui County Ambulance was also worn out.

Normally the spare tyre should always be in good condition since it’s the one used in case one of the other functioning tyres gets a puncture.

The condition of the ambulance has led to a lot of reactions among the Netizens as it can lead to great risk to the driver and also the patients to be carried since it is a vehicle used for emergency services and sometimes may be driven at high speeds which might cause an accident due to the worn-out tires.

Below are some of the reactions.

David Lingard said, “The price of a single tyre in the county accounts records are usually around 100K and all tires are replaced every 6 months. Ata kama ni ulafi, hawa wamekuwa na tamaa excess.”

Farouk Mahmoud said, “Ngilu is busy enterprising in food processing, tailoring, ballasting, etc and leaving the crucial service delivery to the wolves, she calls it ‘mbee nzei’.”

Paul Opiyo said, “Kenya, you will find the records indicate that new tires for the vehicle were bought and fitted last week. Reality: the air was delivered or they were exchanged with the bosses personal cars’.”

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