Kitui Health CO blames KEMRI for increasing Covid-19 cases in Kitui


Kitui County health Chief officer Dr. Richard Muthoka has blamed KEMRI for the increasing Covid-19 cases in Kitui County. Muthoka claimed that KEMRI has been delaying results after taking samples.

Muthoka told Mauvoo News that it has been impossible for them to take quick action especially to close contacts of the infected persons, adding that the results take more than 10 days.

“We have a challenge after taking the samples to KEMRI because the results may take ten days or almost two weeks,” he said.

The chief officer further revealed that 11 teachers from Kitui county have contracted Covid-19 with one teacher losing the battle since the schools reopened.

“We are reporting high numbers because as we talk this week we have a burial of one Kitui west principal who succumbed to covid-19. The number is increasing, for example, we visited Kitui west where the teacher was teaching and we took samples of close contacts. Today we visited his family and also took samples but the challenge is after we take them at KEMRI they take too long, “The chief officers added.

He encouraged Kitui residents to strongly embrace guidelines put in place by the ministry of health to control the spread of Covid-19 virus.

This comes barely two weeks after Kithumula primary school in Kitui west closed when two teachers and a child tested positive for Coronavirus.

Out of the 810 new Covid-19 cases reported on 25th November, no single case was from Kitui county.

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