Kitui Health CECM badly lectures Senator Kiio over remarks that Kitui healthcare was in ICU

Kitui health CECM Dr. Winnie Kitetu speaking to the press. (Photo - gp)

Kitui County Health CECM Dr. Winnie Kitetu has taken a swipe at Senator Enoch Wambua over his remarks at the senate that the county’s health sector was in ICU and he was thinking of having it returned back to the National Government.

“The health situation in Kitui is in itself in the ICU. We have a supposedly level 5 hospital that does not function, including the staff. In fact, I’ve been thinking over this issue and I’m thinking of approaching the Health Committee of the Senate to begin a conversation on whether it is viable to have the county government of Kitui sign a deed of transfer on the health function. Because clearly, the Governor and her officers are unable to manage the health situation in Kitui county. ” The senator during a senate sitting said.

The health CECM Dr. Winnie Kitetu did not take the remarks lying down and accused the senator of not visiting any hospital or even his office in the county since he was elected.

“Senator Kiio we don’t know when you ever came to Kitui hospitals. Infact since your election I have never seen you inspect Kitui level 5 or any facility. Even your office you have never stepped there for 4 years, how can you know what is happening in Kitui from Nairobi.” CECM Kitetu said.

“Today we have over 300 facilities from 187 in 2017 and they are bringing services closer… A competent doctor is in charge of Kitui county health care. I went before vetting and I am incharge of all hospitals in the county…I invite you to a tour of the facilities and you will note the improvement.” The health minister went on.

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