Kitui Deputy Speaker speaks on accusations of bribing MCAs to approve CPSB

A past photo of Kitui Deputy Speaker Kasee Musya. Musya has denied accusations of bribing MCAs with 5000 to approve County Public Service Board Nominees. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Kitui County Assembly Deputy Speaker Emeritus Kasee Musya who also represents the people of Kisasi ward in the Assembly has dismissed bribery allegations after he was accused of bribing some of the MCAs to approve Kitui County Public Service Board nominees.

Addressing members of the press, Musya termed the allegations as politics used by some of his colleagues to destroy his reputation in the house.

The Deputy Speaker said his interests in passing all the County Public Service Board nominees was because he wanted the Executive to fast track employing healthcare workers to take the positions advertised by the National Government,

The Deputy speaker promised to support all other nominees who the Governor will forward to the Assembly for approval.

“Now we have passed Mwingi Municipal Charter. Without the Service Board, the charter cannot proceed. When the other list comes even if it is tomorrow I will still support,” said the deputy speaker

This comes after Yatta/Kwa Vonza MCA John Kisangau alias Mbaki Mbaki accused Musya of sending Ksh.5000 to some MCAs from the opposition side to support the amendment to pass all the 6 nominees for service board.

Mbaki dismissed the Deputy speaker as “small person” who is using peanuts to mislead MCAs to pass the wrong people in County Public Service Board.

“And I will say it, Mr. Speaker, while I was standing outside here, I have been sent 5000 to support this report which I am very sure if it passes my people will suffer, and this money is coming from the deputy speaker. Mr speaker we must stop this,” stated Mbaki during the Assembly’s special sitting.

Kitui County Assembly Wednesday held a special sitting in which they rejected the names of the nominees to Kitui County Public Service Board forwarded to the County Assembly by Charity Ngilu in February. Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has now turned guns on Kalonzo blaming local politics for the decision by MCAs.

Addressing the press in her office Ngilu stated that she is not ready to nominate and forward other nominees to Kitui County Assembly, saying she is sure they will not be approved.

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