Kitui court trashes impeachment of Lands CECM Eng Jacob Kakundi


Kitui lands, Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban development CECM Eng. Jacob Kakundi who was last year impeached by the Kitui MCAs can now breathe a sigh of relief after the Kitui court trashed his impeachment.

Kitui High court Justice Robert Limo said there were no sufficient grounds to impeach the CECM.

Speaking to the media Kakundi’s lawyer, Musyoka Kimanzi revealed that the main reason why the impeachment was trashed is that the committee that was handling the impeachment did not follow the constitution.

“Last year there was a case we brought to the court. The county Assembly had written to the Governor asking him to fire the CECM. We went to court in September and got stay orders that the CECM should not leave the office until the case is heard and determined. ” Kimanzi said.

“The court has found that the impeachment process was not as per the law and meet the constitutional threshold. The CECM will resume office as if he was not impeached before. The court has also ordered that he be paid the expenses incurred in the suit.” The lawyer went on.

Eng. Jacob Kakundi lauded the decision saying he was ready to work and ensure the Governor’s manifesto Is implemented.

Kitui County assembly on Wednesday (16th September) burned the midnight oil to remove from office Kitui County CECM for Infrastructure, Lands, Housing, and Urban Development Jacob Kakundi.

The committee report on his impeachment was moved by Esther Ndile Nominated MCA and Fredrick Nthuri of Tharaka Ward. 33 members voted Yes in agreement with the committee report and 21 members opposed it.

The CECM was among other reasons accused of gross violation of the Constitution and relevant laws by overseeing unprocedural awarding of bush clearing tenders to contractors and using local women and youth to work in the contractors’ absentia. According to the MCAs, Some have never been paid to date.

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