Kitui county orders beehive molds from South Africa

A traditional wooden beehive. (Photo - Courtesy)

The county Government of Kitui had ordered molds to make beehives from South Africa. This is according to Dr Temi Mutia who is in charge of value addition in the county.

Dr. Temi says the molds will be used to make concrete beehives and will help conserve the environment because trees won’t have to be cut to make the beehives as is the case presently.

“The technology we have established we can get some from South Africa. When we bring the technology it will be of great use. It is used in the Middle East as they have no trees to cut there.” Dr Temi told a local radio station.

“We will not take a big chunk of work from our carpenters because they don’t make a lot of beehives but they can also learn how to make use of the molds and still make the beehives.” He added.

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Last year, Dr. Temi said cutting down trees for charcoal and other uses badly affected beekeeping, hence the need to optimize water basins and community forests for beekeeping and setting up tree nurseries.

The county has since established training for farmers who said lack of knowledge on improved bee farming hindered them from becoming successful.

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