Kitui county on the spot over the diversion of funds meant for Covid-19 response


The county Government of Kitui is on the spot over the alleged transfer of funds meant for Covid-19 to other departments rather than the health department and using some of the resources to settle pending bills. This is according to a special audit report on county Governments by the Auditor General.

According to the audit, the county budgeted for the conditional grant and Kenya Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund in the second supplementary of 2020 to four departments, Health, Agriculture, Trade, Education, ICT, and Youth Development as per the below table.

This according to the report was contrary to the ministry of health framework for the conditional grant that required the funds to be used in the county health departments.

The Auditor-General also raised a red flag on the usage of 4 million from the Covid funds to settle pending bills not related to Covid-19.

Kitui-Mwingi Parkside hotel received 586,034 for catering of procurement officers on training and a further 1.161 million for catering and venue for participants during a human resource meeting. The hotel was also paid 884,412 for IFMIS procurement training.

Kitui premier Resort received 220,648 for conference services held in 2019. Eunilorique was also paid 1.179 million for supplied uniforms and working tools.

Some of the other issues raised by the Auditor-General in the Special Audit report include;

According to the auditor general, they could not confirm the delivery of 100 standard metallic beds by Double Double construction and 300 metallic bedside lockers by MS/Abish investment as there was no documentation to support the delivery.

For 120 infrared gun thermometers and 30 tents inspected and accepted on 3rd August 2020 and 26th August 2020, the auditor general notes that there was no evidence of the appointment of an inspection and acceptance committee for the items.

The auditor also questioned the failure to transfer DANIDA funds to health facilities amounting to 9.73 million.

The special report also questions the irregular payment of 2.53 million to health workers at Kauwi hospital from March to August 2020. There was no evidence of approval for the amounts and the periods for which they were paid.

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