Kitui county KNUT officials overwhelming reelected

Teachers participating in KNUT Kitui county branch elections at Muslim Secondary. (Photo credit -Raphael/Mauvoo)

Teachers from Kitui county overwhelmingly reelected their Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) county officials in elections that were held at Muslim Secondary school Kitui town.

Those who were elected are Simon Nding’o KNUT general secretary, Paul Mbaluka deputy secretary-general, Samuel Kathiniku chairperson, Nicholas Mwendwa vice Chairperson, Elizabeth Mulwa KNUT women representative, and Catherine Katee Treasurer.

Speaking after the elections, Masinga Knut secretary-general Kasimba Ngui warned the government against imposing a burden on parents, saying yesterday headteachers received messages from KNEC for assessment examination set to start next week.

Ngui said parents cannot afford expenses for such an exam, saying it needs to be downloaded and costing over four hundred shillings for each child, citing that the amount is unaffordable to parents during this Covid 19 pandemic.

“Teachers were told to download those exam documents from KNEC, print and resent for marking. The cost for each child is four hundred shillings, this is what we are telling the government that parents in Kenya cannot raise such an amount for every child. Teachers have the capacity to set assessment exams at the school level,” he noted.

On the issue of the government rejecting teachers to be involved in matters of national Politics, Ngui said teachers are like any other citizen, with rights to participate in any election, according to Kenyan laws, asking teachers come 2022 to support any political wing of their choice.

He said teachers are many in Kenya and can elect one of their own in the coming general election, thanking them for the efforts they have made to promote education in this country.

Supporting this, Kitui KNUT branch secretary-general Simon Mutunga Nding’o after being re-elected said teachers are Kenyans with rights like any other citizen in this country, and they are not afraid of participating in politics.

The elections come as KNUT struggles to live following an onslaught by TSC that has seen membership shrink from 187,000 to 23, 000 members. Income has also reduced from close to 150 million to 15 million which has affected operations and seen many branches close.

Raila Odinga last week launched a scathing attack on the TSC for killing the Kenya National Union of Teachers.

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