Kitise/Kithuki was the end of Muungano, they will never win any seat – Kalonzo

Kalonzo Musyoka addressing the press in Salama Saturday. (Photo -mn)

Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka now says the Kitise/Kithuki by-election was the end of Muungano party and they will never win any seat. Kalonzo was Speaking to the press over the weekend after Wiper candidate Sebastian Muli floored Muungano’s Joseph Kioko winning the 4th March Kitise/Kithuki by-election by more than 2000 votes.

“We had funny incidents in Kitise/Kithuki at night some people were caught with bags of money and one chief officer ran and police found 165,000 but the people refused to be bribed and guarded their votes.”Kalonzo said.

“Wiper candidate Sebastian Muli won with an overwhelming majority. If you sum up the votes of the other candidates they do not even get to a quarter of his… No one will stand with Muungano in Makueni county and even get a seat to “fry seeds”…Those people can’t be trusted.” Kalonzo added.

Kalonzo confirmed that they were working on an alliance which he termed as Sacred union together with Gideon Moi and the other NASA principals condemning the violence witnessed in certain parts of the country during the by-elections.

“I have just talked to my brother Gideon Moi and he was in Garissa, he didn’t have a candidate but we backed Ford Kenya and ANC, Kabuchai, and Matungu. I want to congratulate them on the win and we have learned that we must protect our votes.” He went on.

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