Kithumula Primary, Kitui closed after 3 test positive of Covid-19


Kithumula primary school in Kitui West Sub-county of Kitui County has been closed down for two weeks after two teachers and one pupil tested positive for Coronavirus.

Confirming the closure of the school, Kitui County Chief Health Officer Richard Muthoka said that the school was closed to allow for fumigation, and the teachers and pupils put under self Isolation as contact tracing kicks off.

“It is true we got two Covid-19 cases of two teachers and a pupil aged two and a half years at Kithumula Primary School and from that because those teachers maybe have interacted with students we have taken precautionary measures to look at the transmission,” he said.

“We have given the two weeks so that we can do fumigation and contact tracing and we test on them, the rest of the school is now in home-based care but our public health team went and had a talk with them and took samples of the ones who came into contact with the three, we have not done mass testing rather we shall continue with surveillance, ” he added.

The teachers and pupils are now isolated at Kauwi Level 4 Hospital Isolation Centre.

Cases of Covid-19 have been on the rise since the start of this second wave of the virus where last month a family of three from Kitui succumbed to the virus.

In October, 12 form four students of Muumandu secondary school and 4 teachers who came into contact with a student who tested positive at the school were also isolated and their samples were taken for a Covid-19 test.

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