Kilome MP calls for control on the type of buildings in Konza city environs

A past photo of a building in Konza city. (Photo - Courtesy)

Kilome MP Eng. Thaddeus Nzambia now wants the types of buildings being put up in the environs of Konza city to be controlled. The MP spoke during a visit to Konza city to assess the progress.

According to the legislator, there is a need to have a buffer zone from the city and establish the type of buildings that can be put up so as to ensure standards are adhered to.

The MP added that a meeting of stakeholders; security officials, Konza Technopolis Development Authority officials, and those who have bought land in the environs should be held to discuss the matter.

“We will have a meeting of all stakeholders, security officials; county commissioners, commanders, governors because there is a critical issue for us here. The issue of a buffer zone. Those surrounding the city if left may build casually and others using Mabati.” He said.

“We want to agree on a buffer zone. Let’s say 5km and agree within that range these are the buildings to expect. We have investors coming here and none can come to build somewhere where there are “shaddies” and no planning.” Kimilu went on.

With the coming up of Konza city, a lot of people have purchased land in the environs with the hope that when the city is up the property will be prime and hand them a good return on investment.

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