Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo and Ngilu engage in a fiery exchange of words

Kitui Governor with AIC presiding Bishop Dr. Silas Yego at the commissioning of AIC Kitui Township. Ngilu and Kiema Kilonzo exchanged words at the function. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Kenya ambassador to Uganda Kiema Kilonzo and Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu on Sunday exchanged words over embezzlement of public funds in the County.

The two met at AIC Kitui Township during the commissioning of the newly built sanctuary which was officially opened by AIC Kenya presiding Bishop Dr. Silas Yego.

Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo in his speech lauded Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua saying he is doing well by playing his role of oversight hence keeping Kitui aware of how the County has paralysed development with escalated misappropriation of public funds.

Kiema Kilonzo openly denied supporting Ngilu’s Government saying that as Kitui leaders they are behind Senator Kiio to continue playing oversight role to keep the county in check.

Kuna mambo mawili that are very important, kwanza ni kufanya kazi ya Mungu na ya pili ni kufanya kazi ya watu Wa Mungu. Hata ukimwabudu Mungu aje na hawa watu wake huwe hauwatumikii kwa uaminifu Mungu hatakubariki.”

“Today I would like to pay a special tribute to one of our legislators, the Senator of Kitui County Bwana Kiio. He has done a great job to oversight the work of Kitui County Government, quietly without intimidation. Sisi tunakuombea and we are right behind you, wewe endelea kufanya hiyo kazi.” Kilonzo added.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu seemed to be annoyed by Kilonzo’s speech and said that her Government is doing well in delivering services to residents and she is wondering why leaders in the county are not positive towards her administration, giving an example of KICOTEC which has employed over 350 youths.

Ngilu also highlighted if the County had not done well a section of Uganda MPs who recently came to bench mark at Kitui referral hospital could not have come.

She further told Kitui leaders to wait until 2022 if they want to unseat her, adding that Kitui people elected her because she had an agenda to improve their livelihoods. Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo is believed to be a front runner in the Kitui Gubernatorial race in 2022.

“I want to say it here. Wale mnataka kiti ya ugavana itakuwa wazi 2022 na yule atataka atachukua, si yangu. Hii ni kiti ya kitui, kwa hivyo mngoje tu. Muendelee kuomba kiti, wale wanaomba kiti ya uraisi waombe sijui ni nani.” Ngilu said.

Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua denied having differences with Kitui Governor saying he was just playing his oversight role and before exposing any scandal he did thorough investigation first.

“I want to tell the people of Kitui that I am not opposing KICOTEC and Ballast crusher. What I am opposing is because they never followed the law and there is embezzlement of public money, ” Kiio clarified.

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