KICOTEC successfully delivers chiefs uniforms

Kitui Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau flags off the final batch of chiefs uniform at KICOTEC Friday. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Kitui County Textile Centre (KICOTEC) has successfully delivered the task to make chiefs’ uniforms after they disbursed the second batch of remaining 2973 uniforms to the National Government Friday.

In the first batch, Kitui county disbursed 2804 uniforms which were received by critical Infrastructure Commanding Officer Musa Kakawa accompanied by Kitui County Commissioner John Ondego and Governor Charity Ngilu.

Kitui Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau speaking at KICOTEC during the handing over of the second batch of uniforms which were received by Master tailor in the National Police Service Omwenga Nyakundi said that the factory will keep on producing quality products so as to hit international markets. The Deputy Governor urged the National Government to continue supporting this factory by giving them work.

Dr. Wathe Nzau further revealed that KICOTEC was operating lawfully after Kitui County Assembly passed the corporation bill that governs all corporations in the county adding that the visit by US envoy to Kenya Kyle McCarter is clear that the factory is headed to the right direction.

“KICOTEC is recognized by the county and in the country at large. I say we are very lucky because yesterday we had a very special guest, ambassador of the most powerful country in the world USA Mr. McCarter and he promised us that he will make an effort to ensure our products hit international market in countries like America and other developed countries, ” DG Wathe added.

Wathe further encouraged the people of Kitui and Kenyans at large to support and promote KICOTEC in making clothes for Kenya and International countries.

“Let’s promote and support KICOTEC to make clothes for Kitui county, Kenya and other foreign countries,” he encouraged.

In April this year, Kitui county was given a contract by the National Government to produce over 5,000 thousand uniforms for provincial administration officers, a big boost for KICOTEC.

The recent visit by US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter to KICOTEC also served as a major boost with the envoy promising support to the Center including referring customers.

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