KICOTEC CEO blames politicians for Monday’s strike

KICOTEC workers at the Kitui based firm . The workers downed their tools over pay delay. (Photo credit - Raphael/Mauvoo)

KICOTEC CEO Georgina Musembi has said her workers had no striking thoughts and it is politicians who according to her incited them to down tools for the second time in 2 months.

The CEO revealed to Mauvoo News that there was no strike notice she received and a section of her workers are still ongoing with their job.

“There was a small mix up but we talked with the county government to pay them. It’s just incitement from some of our politicians. Please give our youth room to work and brighten their future,” she said.

The striking KICOTEC staff demanded their June and July salaries. Speaking to our Kitui reporter, some of the KICOTEC workers who requested us to conceal their identity said the leadership of the company failed to give them reasons why they denied them their salaries yet they provided services.

“They paid us August, September, and October salaries, but when we ask our salaries for those two other months, nobody has been listening to us,” one of the staff said.

They also revealed that they have not signed contracts as KICOTEC workers and once they asked, the leadership has been playing deaf.

The striking workers added that their salaries have been delaying most of the time and some of them have had to take loans to survive.

In June, a section of MCAs raised accountability questions on KICOTEC and where the money they made after selling masks went to.

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