Kibwana marks 43rd marriage anniversary, pens sweet message to his wife

A past photo of Governor Kibwana and his wife Nazi. (Photo - Courtesy)

Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana Tuesday 14th September marked his 43rd marriage anniversary. Kibwana took to Twitter to pen a sweet message to his wife on the special day.

Kibwana who was married to Nazi at 24 noted that marriage was not a bed of roses and it was full of Ups and downs.

He quoted famous singer Simi sang who said, ” Love Don’t Care. You choose whom to love and you love them to the end. “

“Celebrating our 43 marriage anniversary today. Married at 24. We have shared God’s love with each other. Plenty of love’s UPs & some DOWNs. As Simi sang: Love Don’t Care. You choose whom to love and you love them to the end. I would marry you all over again. Happy anniversary. ” Kibwana in the Tweet said.
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Here is what some Kenyans had to say to the Governor and his wife Nazi;

“Congratulations my Professor. May the Good Lord always watch over both of you. May you always find favour in God. ” City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir said.

“Both of you are a perfect example. In our least common denominators, we are simply men and women who need God. When we discover the secret of seeking God, He comes into our lives and guides our steps in the paths of blessings. Happy Anniversary.” Paul Mugambi said.

“Congratulations to you Prof as you celebrate 43 years of marriage. This is an indication that you recognize that the family is the basic social unit of society. We need you in the leadership of our country. May God provide, heal, guide, protect and bless you and your family.” Ronald Guda said.

“Happy anniversary my governor. What an exemplary example for young people. Nothing is smooth in this life but you choose each other every day. No, let’s give you these votes we change this country; save money from corruption, reduce borrowing and increase development. Yes, you can.” Gladys Muthoni addded.

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