Kibwana hits back at Mutula for claiming his uncle died due to failed Makueni healthcare

A past photo of Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana. (Photo-Courtesy)

On Saturday (9th January) during the burial of Mutula Kilonzo Junior Uncle Mr. James Ngui Ndambuki in Utangwa, Mbooni, the senator told off Kibwana that his healthcare plan had failed and that the uncle contracted stroke while receiving treatment in Kikima. Mutula said that was a result of the failed healthcare by Kibwana.

“Let me tell you the truth, when this gentleman fell ill we discussed and agreed for him not to go to Machakos or Nairobi because of Covid. We got him a doctor here in Kikima. The stroke you see at the eulogy he got it here. They discharged him and we took him to Machakos.” Mutula at the funeral said.

Kibwana took to Twitter to dismiss the remarks by Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior on the Makueni healthcare noting that he does not know the difference between X-rays and MRIS. Kibwana revealed that the county has 8 Xrays quoting the recent survey by infotrack that ranked Makueni as the best county in health care.

“During @MutulaSen uncle’s funeral, he said Makueni UniversalHealthCare is dead and if our X-Rays were working, Mzee would have received an MRI. Sen. does not know the difference. We have functional 8 X-Rays. Infotrack in 2020 rated Makueni as Top Health Services delivery county.” Kibwana on Twitter said.

“Before 2013, Mutula’s uncle was cared for in Machakos and Nairobi. Contrary to what Sen. alluded, the amputation was not done in Makueni but Nairobi. Even Sen. introduced to mourners his uncle’s Nairobi doctor. Despite the current cash crunch, we have essential drugs in Makueni. “Governor Kibwana added in defence of Makueni healthcare.

Kibwana noted that on the 4th of January the spouse to Mutula’s uncle thanked the county for the care through an SMS.

“Upon discharge, we arranged for a special nurse to attend Mzee at home. On 4/1/21 one of Mzee’s spouses smsed to thank us for the care. We leave petty party rivalry, hatred, spite, pride, etc. with God. ” The Twitter thread went on.

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