Kibwana defends Makueni woman arrested over Machakos senator alleged murder

Esther Mbula being arraigned over the alleged murder of Machakos senator Boniface Kabaka. (Photo - Courtesy)

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana is now calling for justice to be served to the woman who was arrested over the attempted murder of Machakos senator Boniface Kabaka.

Kibwana through his social media stated that the woman had tried to save the senator’s life and could not be a murderer adding that the law should be equal to every person and the woman’s crime was only being in the company of the senator.

He wished the senator who is now admitted at Nairobi hospital a quick recovery but insisted that the woman should be bailed.

“I send my Poles to the Family of the Hon. Senator Kabaka of Machakos as we pray for his speedy recovery. However, the Rule of Law demands equal treatment for all. A caring lady( from Makueni)who takes a gentleman in distress to the hospital cannot be a murderer. She deserves bail and justice,” said Kibwana.

The woman Esther Mbula, a Secondary school teacher in Makueni had told the police that she was with the senator in an apartment in Kilimani when he fell ill.

Apparently, the senator developed a headache that could not go away even after taking pain killers. He was rushed to Nairobi hospital where surgery was done and he was moved to ICU.

On the fateful day when news about his situation spread, his family was quick to trash claims that the senator was in the company of a woman when he got sick. They instead claimed that he was in a hotel having a drink and was conscious when the ambulance came.

Kitui senator also confirmed the family’s sentiments and called on Kenyans not to believe rumors being spread on social media after he visited the senator.

This raises questions on why the woman Esther Mbula is being charged if she was not with the senator.

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