Kibwana changes tune and supports BBI

Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana and his Machakos counterpart Dr. Alfred Mutua and MCAS pose for a photo at Machakos whitehouse monday. (Photo -Hillary/Mauvoo)

Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana a fierce critic of the Building Bridges Initiative has now changed tune and will be supporting the BBI.

Speaking at Machakos Whitehouse, Kivutha Kibwana said that they held BBI public participation in his county and the people agreed to pass the BBI leaving him with no other choice than to support and respecting his voters.

“I can’t oppose BBI as a person yet my people have accepted to support it. As a leader who was voted in I should respect my voters. We are not doing this as if we are forced but according to my people’s choice.” Kibwana said.

In November 2020, Kibwana took issue with specific proposals in the BBI report, hinting at opposing the BBI. According to the Governor who spoke to the press at Wote then, the BBI report would benefit and bring together 5 communities who will share positions and leave out the rest of Kenya. The second term Governor raised an issue with the Judiciary ombudsman, Police commission, and proposal to devolve 35 percent saying it was not realistic.

The Governor later raised an alarm that his life was in danger for opposing BBI and that surveillance drones were hovering around his residence and office. Last week, The Governor met Raila Odinga alongside Mukhisa Kituyi and James Orengo.

Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua said that they had a meeting with Ukambani MCAs, discussing BBI matters. He revealed that following the discussion with MCAs they were going to pass the BBI. Mutua also presented apologies for Governor Ngilu.

“Ngilu is in solidarity with us too, only that she has a meeting at Nairobi. We are tired of our people being used to benefit others. We respect all people and we also deserve respect.” Said Mutua.

Makueni Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau said that all MCAs should be respected and protocol should be observed. She added that they agreed to support the BBI out of voters’ will and not being forced.

Last week, a section of MCAs had vowed to shoot down BBI if Governor Mutua was left out of the process going forward.

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