Kiala wants law to repurpose Mutua’s signboards


Machakos senatorial aspirant Bernard Kiala has taken a swipe at Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua in a message dubbed “My legislative agenda for County Funds Transparency” which was shared on his social media channel.

Kiala said that there was no need for Mutua to decorate the project signboards with his own photos and signboards suggesting that they should bear information on project funding, progress and amounts paid.

“There is no good reason to litter Machakos with portraits of the Governor and his party slogans on our project signboards. It is a waste of public funds and abuse of public office. What if those signboards had accurate and timely information on the projects’ funding – budget commitments, amounts paid to contractors, and percentage progress? ” The Machakos Senatorial aspirant said.

“What if large notice boards at the Ward and Village Administrators’ offices listed funding details of all the neighborhood’s projects and bursary awards? What if the notice boards vividly tabulated the distribution of County employees by job grade and ward affiliation? What if health facility notice boards listed daily the available quantities of supplies such as drugs? What if you could send an SMS for the whereabouts and availability of tractors and graders for your neighborhood? What if all this information was always up-to-date on a website?” Kiala suggested.

The former Deputy Governor vowed to pursue county funds transparency bill which will prescribe ways for notice boards, signboards, and web portals to be updated with information on funds.

Since 2013, Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has used his photos and party slogans in the county projects signboards which has resulted in uproar over the misuse.

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