Kenyans roast Mutua for calling for the closure of bars


Kenyans on social media have criticized Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua over his remarks calling for the closure of bars where he said that bats should be shut due to the increase in covid-19 cases and also flouting the curfew.

Speaking during a TV interview at a local TV Station, Mutua said that the president should deploy the military to shut down bars and entertainment joints as police were now conniving with the owners to continue operating even past curfew hours.

“You know the police even have a PayBill now; you’re stopped by the police at midnight or 1 am, they know that you don’t have cash and if you send them an M-Pesa they can be investigated, so they’ve set up a PayBill…unatuma, unaonyesha imeingia, anakuwacha unaendelea…that’s the level of corruption we’ve come to in this country,” Mutua in the interview said.

This angered Kenyans who said that they were disappointed by the governor who despite wanting to be 5th president of Kenya does not care for the welfare of the common mwananchi.

Below are some of the reactions;

Kiki Mily Muthinja said, “And you want to be a president there is always a decent way of doing it not necessarily use of military, they had closed for months without much force… Now, what are you trying to insinuate… Anyway thank-you for giving us a hint on what to expect in “your regime ” watakula kwako?? You will never be a president in Kenya 😂😂 end of rant.”

Peter Mwangi Ndegwa said, ” Military to shut down bars? this should not come from somebody who is aspiring to be president of this country, respect institutions.”

Nelson Mwaluda said, “Just Governor you talk like these what would happen if you become president? Kenya will be in darkness the dictator leadership how can you tell the president to use the military for curfew? What is the work of the police?”

James Mwadeghu said, ” Wrong move, health is a devolved function. The county Health inspectorates combined with the National Police service should suffice. Counties should take responsibility and showcase their potential. They can even utilize wazee wa mtaa and local administration like chiefs! “

“No and No. Please spare some time and come to Mlolongo. Takataka kila mahali! Manage Mavoko, please! I appreciate the work you did on providing a free washroom at the Mlolongo stage. But waste collectors aren’t doing their job. Come and witness.” Chris Abawa added.

Mutua’s remarks come just a day after the president extended the curfew which will now commence from 10 pm. Bars and restaurants will be required to close by 9 pm.

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