Kenya power disconnects power at Mlolongo health center

Power being disconnected at Mlolongo health center Thursday. (Photo -Courtesy)

Operations at Mlolongo health center in Phase 3 are set to be affected after Kenya Power disconnected power at the facility on Thursday (17th December).

The disconnection is said to be because of unpaid power bills. With the Mlolongo health center operating a lab and cold storage for vaccines, services to locals will be greatly hampered.

The health center is located in the Mlolongo phase 3 area. Other than the Mlolongo wellness center targeting long-distance drivers, the health center is the only government-run health facility available to the populous Mlolongo and Syokimau ward.

According to the National Government Master health facility list, Mavoko sub-county has only nine government-run health facilities. “Mavoko is the most populous sub-county in Machakos, contributing the bulk of the local revenue, yet it has the fewest public run health facilities” ~ observed John Kieti, a Mavoko resident.

In the current 2020/2021 Financial year, the health department had a budget of 4.1 billion out of the County’s total budget of 11.016 billion. 8.039 billion out of that is an equitable share from the national government and Kshs 1.729 billion from local revenues.

It is not the first time power is disconnected at a county health center. Previously, power in Kathiani and Mwala hospitals was disconnected and later restored.

Below are some of the reactions of the locals in their Whatsapp forum;

“Yesterday a public hospital was using candles, Kenya power should not be charging public entities .. Huyu Governor Mutua ako wapi.. Mlolongo phase three hospital inakosa stima.” One of the locals said.

“Last month my daughter visited the health center, and she was told to buy the medicine, actually panadol and piritons. Shame.” Another Mlolongo resident added.

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