Kenya Film Commission to set up a Film Hub in Mbooni

Mbooni Youths that were trained by the Kenya Film Commission pose for a photo with CEO Timothy Owase and Mbooni MP Erastus Kivasu. (Photo -Courtesy)

The Kenya Film Commission through the CEO Timothy Owase has revealed plans to establish a film hub in Mbooni, Makueni county in collaboration with Mbooni MP Erastus Kivasu. The CEO spoke during the closure of the Kenya Film commission workshop in Tawa Saturday that saw 50 youths trained in film making.

The CEO said that at the Kenya Film commission they facilitate innovation through storytelling and empowering the youth by equipping them with skills vowing to have another workshop to train those interested in Film.

“A film hub is important just like the way Mheshimiwa put up this hall. We would like mheshimiwa to provide us with a space, existing building so that we bring cameras, sound systems, work stations. We will make sure we provide all that is required so that if you walk there you can tell your story through the film hub at no cost.” The Kenya Film Commission CEO said.

“In the rural areas we say people wake up to go to the farm, but with the Film hub, you will wake up and go to the studio. If we do that we will help the country in job creation, conserve and preserve cultural heritage and help the government on integration.” CEO Timothy Owase added.

Mbooni MP Erastus Kivasu noted that the skills the youth had gotten through the training were able to earn them money through content creation adding that they did not need handouts promising to help whenever they need support.

“The land is available and we can chip in with CDF to have the incubation center. Many people thought that this was a scam but now you have been trained for 5 days. I am hoping the CEO will grant me the second chance for another 100 trainees and an incubation center.” Kivasu said.

The best 2 participants got a scholarship at the Kenya Film School for one year from the MP. The 50 attendants were issued with certificates. The youths were able to act on their film in just one week.

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