Kee MCA Says He’ll win in August despite losing Wiper nominations

Kee ward Member of County Assembly Isaac Munyao at a past event (Photo -Courtesy)

Kee ward MCA Isaac Munyao has expressed confidence in winning the August election despite losing in the Wiper nominations.

Speaking at Kee Market Munyao who was elected on a Wiper ticket said that he will contest as an independent candidate. According to Munyao, the people will vote for him based on his track record and not the party.

He opined that the nominations were not free and fair. According to him some of his political nemesis wanted him out of the race.

“I will pursue my bid as an independent candidate. I want to thank you all for your votes although they were rigged, I forgive those who did that because I have a big heart” said Munyao.

He said that after his request for appeal was thrown out.

“Some people joined forces to bring me down. I appealed asking for the register, the ballot papers, and everything I asked but they refused,” he noted.

He said the party conducted unfair primaries in almost all areas where the nominations were done. He added that their decision to award direct tickets to some of the members has reduced the faith people had in the party.

Munyao noted that due to this, the Wiper party may lose many seats in the August elections.

“Those coming to the County Assembly in August 9th most of them will be independent and from other parties, because of all these problems,” he concluded.

Last week, Kalonzo confidant Daniel Maanzo defended the Wiper nominations. Missed the story? Check it out below;


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