How Kathiani, Kangundo and Matungulu Schools performed in KCSE 2019

Education CS Prof. George Magoha during the release of 2019 KCSE Results. (Photo Credit - Courtesy)

In the just-released Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), schools in Machakos County have recorded a tremendous improvement with quite a number of schools registering several grade A’s.

In Kathiani sub-county, Kathiani Girls had a mean score of 8.129 trouncing Kathiani Boys High School which registered a mean mark of 5.4. Kathiani girls high school principal Damaris Munyao could not hide her excitement as she disclosed the results to Mauvoo News.

The school is slowly but surely reclaiming its position among the top schools in the county. Kathiani Girls had 10 students with a mean grade of A- and over 20 with a B+ with the last student scoring a C-.

Kangundo high school registered an improvement from a mean score of 5.0 in KCSE 2018 to 5.9 this year. The school principal Andoncan Barine said that the school was soaring higher to ensure it’s popularity matches with the performance.

In Matungulu sub-county Tala high school, Katwanyaa high school, Sengani girls, Matungulu girls, St. Joseph Katheka high school are among schools that performed tremendously well in the sub-county.

Matungulu girls registered a mean score of 7.3 from 6.3 in 2018 with 3 students scoring a mean mark of A- and over ten students having B+.

St. Chavara girls had a mean score of 7.5 where one student scored a mean grade of A- and five of them had a mean grade of B+. The school is new and fast-growing hence took everyone by surprise due to the excellent results.

Caring hearts Girls high school was not left behind as 24 students who scored a C+ and above will join university.

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