Kawaya to Muthama: Leave UDA If You’re Dissatisfied

Mwala MP Vincent Musyoka Musau alias Kawaya, has slammed former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama over his recent remarks suggesting the Kamba community is being left out of national leadership.

In a defiant challenge, Kawaya urged Muthama to leave if he was unhappy with the current leadership, asserting that the community’s interests were already being well-served by other leaders.

Muthama had voiced concerns that the community was missing out on where the national cake was being shared.

In an exclusive interview with Mauvoo News, Kawaya countered Muthama’s claims, highlighting that despite the Kamba community’s relatively low electoral support for the president, many significant positions have been filled by Kamba leaders such as Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries.

 He argued that Muthama’s dissatisfaction is rooted in his absence from the corridors of power, not in any actual marginalization of the community.

“Look around Kamba leaders are holding key positions and contributing significantly. Muthama’s claims are more about his personal grievances than the community’s reality,” Kawaya stated.

“If Muthama feels sidelined, it’s because he’s not at the table where decisions are made. But that doesn’t mean the Kamba community is excluded,” Kawaya added.

Kawaya further criticized Muthama’s planned community meetings, claiming they have historically done little to benefit the Kamba people. 

He also contested Muthama’s assertions of being a UDA party founder, suggesting that Muthama should make way for younger, more dynamic leaders.

“Muthama needs to stop clinging to the past and let younger leaders drive progress, he was never a founding member of the UDA party. It’s time for him to step aside and allow fresh blood to take the reins, “Kawaya added.

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