Kawaya hails Ruto over Finance bill, claims Kenyans have too much democracy

Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musau alias Kawaya has joined a list of leaders congratulating President William Ruto for withdrawing the controversial finance bill. 

In a compelling interview, Musau, who had initially voted in favor of the bill, highlighted President Ruto’s responsiveness to public opinion.

“Nothing stopped the president from signing the bill, but he didn’t. This shows he listens to his people, contrary to those who claimed he doesn’t,” Musau remarked, emphasizing the president’s commitment to democracy and the people’s will.

Musau also condemned the recent invasion of Parliament, attributing the chaos to a significant information gap. 

He argued that the institutions tasked with providing the government with information have failed.

In a provocative statement, Musau critiqued the current state of democracy in Kenya, suggesting that excessive democratic freedoms were hindering law enforcement.

 “There is too much democracy that is limiting the police from doing their work,” he asserted, igniting a debate on the balance between democratic rights and effective governance.

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