Kavindu trashes claims she is not qualified, says opponents afraid of her impending victory

Agnes Kavindu campaigns in Kathiani, Machakos county. (Photo - Courtesy)

Wiper Senatorial aspirant Agnes Kavindu has trashed claims that she is not qualified to run for the Machakos senator position claiming that her opponents are afraid of her impending victory.

Kavindu who has previously served as a board member in TANATHI and a BBI taskforce member said she had enough experience and she was going to represent the people of Machakos well if elected.

“Those saying that I am not able are lying to you. Can the president appoint me to BBI taskforce to go around the country and come up with a report that is uniting this country if I am not able?” She questioned.

“These men are just afraid. Rescue me from the 9 men fighting against one woman.” She went on.

On those using her son Moses Muthama to campaign against her, Kavindu said, “The troubles of a righteous many but the Lord delivers them from all. Those carrying my son to come and say bad things, I say those who destroy and do bad things and have not been destroyed, God will destroy them.”

Kavindu’s remarks come just 2 days after her son Moses Muthama alleged that she left him at 3 months and that Machakos residents should not vote for her in the coming by-election.

Kathiani Mp Robert Mbui said Agnes Kavindu should be respected as she had done a lot for Machakos in the BBI and none of the aspirants could match her record.

Over the weekend, records emerged in social media showing that Kavindu had indicated she did not attend Secondary School. The CCU party asking IEBC to clarify how they cleared her to take part in the race.

Kavindu and Mbui were campaigning in Kathiani constituency Monday.

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