Kavindu asks Munyaka, Kawaya, and Mbai to apologise for misusing her son

Machakos Senator Agnes Kavindu Muthama speaking at a function in Mwala. (Photo - courtesy)

Machakos Senator Agnes Kavindu Muthama is seeking Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka Musau Kawaya, His Machakos counterpart Victor Munyaka and Nimrod Mbai of Kitui East to apologize over what she says is misusing her son.

Speaking at a function in Mwala, Kavindu said that the three leaders used her son Moses Muthama to campaign against her in the Machakos Senatorial By-election.

“I told Mwala MP Infront of the Deputy president Ruto and told Mbai and Munyaka, If they don’t seek apology over what they did for using my son, they will face the same in their homes.” She said.

“Those are the words of God’s servant and prophet. I don’t have a problem with them. We used to be together in Jubilee. I came to the other side and I left respectfully with the blessings of the president.” She went on.

During the Machakos Senatorial by-election, Kavindu’s son Moses Muthama campaigned against her in support of UDA’s Urbanus Muthama Ngengele.

Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musau, Munyaka, and Mbai went around the county with Moses campaigning against his mother Kavindu who seems not to have taken the issue lightly.

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